Milestone Achieved 10,000 + Hits On This Site

In 2012 I moved all my Palmetto Goodwill articles to this dedicated site.  Below is a screenshot I took this morning showing 10,040 hits on this blog. Prior to this, I received way over 10K  hits on the PG articles on my main blog (2big2fall). I decided to start over with a new blog as there were too many other issues I was interested in to waste too much space on a cheap charity scam.

UPDATE: Bob Smith, the CEO, is still a lowlife crook. His son (and heir-apparent) David is still a spoiled, petulant twerp. The Board of Directors is a useless bunch of brown-nosing sycophants. And local media couldn’t give two greasy, peanut-covered shits that this scam is given free rein to screw over the line workers in order to enrich a pack of sniveling, money-grubbing pirates masquerading as executives.

(Note that the on the cropped screen shot below the column that says “posts and pages” represent the one-month totals for various posts on this blog. The only column that really matters is the top one).

Click to Enlarge!


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