Palmetto Goodwill: Strange Case of Jennifer Glass

In mid-November, 2016 I was contacted through this website by a recently fired store manager regarding her terrible experience with the South Carolina Lowcountry Goodwill franchise. Her initial comment appears in this blog on my article titled “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier?”:

NOVEMBER 17, 2016 AT 5:51 PM EDIT
“I was recently terminated as GM for one of the PG stores. I’d love to speak with you about what I know having been an insider. I know Bob Smith personally and there’s even more to this story.”

I friended Jennifer on Facebook and soon thereafter she uploaded a post that started out with the following letter she received from Palmetto Goodwill: 

Jennifer went on to explain the circumstances that led to her dismissal as a store manager. Note that she is a bright and articulate individual:

Note that this Facebook post, according to the above screen shot, received 1,376 shares and 295 comments at the time the screen shot was taken. The post was still on FB for a few more weeks and had accumulated over 2,500 shares and many more comments. It was definitely on the road to going viral.

Jennifer confirms what I have long suspected to be a cutthroat atmosphere that exists amongst the executive staff at Palmetto Goodwill.  The most incriminating charges that she brought up, however, are those regarding the treatment of disabled individuals at Palmetto Goodwill. I had previously exposed Palmetto Goodwill for paying as little as $1.80 per hour to disabled folks. They can legally do this because of the 14(c) provision of the Federal Wage and Hour Act that allows charities to pay less than minimum wages to the disabled. Several Goodwills were exposed for paying as little as 22 cents per hour to these folks. * (see footnote)

According to Jennifer, managers were essentially ordered to harass and intimidate these no longer profitable individuals in order to get rid of them. I wonder where this all fits in with CEO Bob Smith’s hollow and self-serving professions of love for Jesus? (See my article “Yet Another Palmetto Goodwill Success Story”)

I can only imagine the reaction at Palmetto Goodwill HQ when they realized that this negative publicity was going viral. If I were them I would have done anything to get this Facebook post down.

Lo and behold Jennifer deleted her post. I contacted her and got into a rather long discussion regarding her action in deleting the post. The gist of it is as follows: In closing, note that before Jennifer removed her post I asked for (and received) permission to write about her situation on my blog. Here is a screen shot confirming this:

*If you look at my post titled “Goodwill Industries: Who Profits” you will see a comment by an individual who uses the moniker ‘Spider Web’ who states the following:

“Basically when an industry with high turnover such as fast food, retail, etc have high turnover they look for ways to encourage employee loyalty to reduce the cost of hiring and training and show value to the employee. At Goodwill of Lower SC, they view turnover as a good thing, because every new position that is posted and advertised and when it is filled its counted as a “Person Served”. Makes them look like they are doing something!!”

POSTSCRIPT 5/31/2017: I had to laugh when I read the Facebook comment above by Lawson Roberts who suggested that Jennifer contact Harve Jacobs at Channel 5 regarding her sad treatment. Quite frankly, the staff at Channel 5 is way too busy tracking down important stories like bedbugs in fire stations to worry about insignificant issues such as fake “charities.” 


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