Federal Agents Raid Memphis Goodwill…more to come.

And so, at long last, the shit starts hitting the fan for Goodwill Industries. Long overdue. I hope they direct some well-deserved attention to the scum-sucking bottom feeders that run Palmetto Goodwill. CEO Lyin’ Bob Smith is too busy grooming his incompetent son to take over the evil empire to see the writing on the wall.

I don’t expect the incompetent “journalists” at our local TV outlets and at the Post and Courier will get in the way as real journalists take over. When the investigation is done, however, we can expect to see WCSC’s Harve Jacobs and his toy microphone standing at Palmetto Goodwill HQ getting his usual sloppy seconds. I hope that he and WCBD’s Brad Franko don’t get into a shoving match while they wrestle for their respective “exclusives.”

I have suspected that something was wrong with the Ability One program for a long time. Many Goodwills have gotten in on the federal money tit by bidding on service and/or food contracts for military installations. Does the fact that many Goodwills pay way below minimum wage to disabled employees give them an edge in the competitive bidding process?  An NBC report from a couple of years ago exposed the fact that some Goodwills paid disabled individuals as little as 22 cents per hour. They are allowed to do this because they take advantage of the 14 (c) 3 provisions of the Federal Wage and Hour Act which allows sub-minimum wages in cases of disability. If you have a private catering company you are effectively locked out of the bidding process because you cannot compete with so-called “charities” who can pay their employees slave wages.

Click this sentence to go to the CNN article. If it does not work just Google the Title of this article





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