Palmetto Goodwill: Where Nepotism Rules


Below are a series of images from Bob and David Smith’s recent trip to North Korea to study their highly efficient system of regime change. These kids really loved David’s joke glasses.


Not to be outdone, Bob grabbed the “gook glasses” and added a Coolie hat. David didn’t even notice as he was busy trying to beat his own snot bubble record. PG-Korean-succession-3

Below we see old Bob and his Incubus offspring, David,  joining in the fun. This was a celebration honoring Kim’s recent purge in which four “bourgeoisie traitors” were fed to hungry dogs and another criminal was executed by anti-aircraft gunfire. Bob said of the event: “You got to admire the way their leader takes care of business without worrying about adverse media reporting. We have that relationship with the media in Charleston but, unfortunately, we are a long way from where we need to be.”



More on the Nepotism theme…Bovine-Justice-2Other themes…Bob-dinosaur-2


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