Eternal Bob Smith

This is a continuation of a previous post titled “Goodwill vs. Hieronymus Bosch.” 

This is what awaits crooked CEO’s who pay themselves, family members, and groveling sycophants enormous sums of money while paying the “least among us” criminally low wages.

                                             CLICK to Enlarge!

bob flasher
Bob-at-the-Jordan-riverDisclaimer: In the last photoshop I am not attacking the Baptist Church of which Bob Smith claims to be a member. I was born a Baptist and my brother is a retired Baptist minister. His ministry was always involved in helping the poor, the dispossessed, and the needy. He did this not only with available church funds but with large amounts of money out of his own pocket. Unlike old Bob, my brother never stopped to ask what was in it for him.

After Bob Smith made the command decision to punish me for exposing a criminal theft ring operating within Palmetto Goodwill, my brother repeatedly came to my assistance. I helped this dispicable CEO and he responded by destroying my main source of income. For more details on this see “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier” on this blog.

Bob Smith is, quite simply put, a man without a moral center. A man without a conscience. A fraud. A phony.


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