Palmetto Goodwill Wins Contract for Cut Rate Circumcision Clinic

A spokesperson for Palmetto Goodwill announced today that their organization recently won a contract to provide low-cost circumcision services for needy mothers. The clinic is up and running after a brief foreskin cutting ceremony.

Anyone interested should contact David (aka Dumbo) Smith at (843)-566-0072. Just tell the operator that Gregory B. Geddings referred you. Unless Dumbo is busy honing his thumb-twiddling skills playing fantasy football, he will speak with you to arrange an appointment. 

On a more somber note the CEO’s son and heir apparent, David, was caught with his hand in the tip jar* and had to wear the company dunce cap for the entire day. “We usually use the dunce cap on…shall we say…the ‘lower skilled’ folks who work for us. The situation was getting out of hand with David. He was running around corporate HQ…sneaking up behind random executive staff employees and either goosing them or sticking pins in balloons next to their ears. Just like his pop, he has a wild, playful streak in him. Sometimes I have to use the dunce cap to calm him down. I am sure he will work out just fine. That’s my Boy!”

                                       Click to Enlarge!


                Behold! Is this not a Miracle Child?

"Behold! Is it not a miracle child?"

*This particular ‘tip jar’ contained something other than cash

In other Palmetto Goodwill news father and son just returned from a short goodwill trip to North Korea to study their very efficient leadership selection system.
palmetto goodwillxdavid-smith-snot-yo-yo2

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