Night of the Living Dead Bobs

Restore integrity to our Lowcountry Goodwill. CEO Must Go!
Restore integrity to our Lowcountry Goodwill. Crooked, lying CEO must go!

Muggy, rainy day…a great way to spend indoors….screwing around with Lyin’ Bob Smith, CEO of Palmetto Goodwill…

Local media refuses to go after this fraudulent “charity” or their crooked CEO…or the nepotism involved in the hiring of this creep’s, undereducated, unqualified son…or the huge salaries and bonuses paid to a few executives.

Lyin’ Bob refuses to publicly renounce the payment of subminimum wages to his disabled employees. He lied to the Post and Courier about receiving government funding and, years after he was exposed, he did not discourage an executive employee from repeating the same lie to the P&C.

Lyin’ Bob allowed a massive donations theft ring to operate with impunity within his organization and refused to punish them when they were uncovered. Instead, he directed all of his ire at the individual who brought this situation to his attention.

What other revelations will be forthcoming? Who knows? 

Just what the heck does this have to do with Zombies you might ask? Good question! Zombies share two personality traits with Lyin’ Bob…they do not have a conscience and they aren’t very bright.

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

The hour comes and Bob awakens from his “slumber.” His quest begins. He must survive. He must find BRAINS! Not tiny ones like the pathetic little shriveled up prune-sized morsel that somehow functioned in his own head when he was still alive…but real, full-sized human brains!

Holy Horsefly Appetizers! No better way for a freshly minted Zombie to start his new life than with a mouthful of these crunchy, stinging delights!

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Even in death, Bob’s pals in the Charleston media are always there for him…

Tom Crawford Brad Franko Bill Sharpe

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

bob smith palmetto goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill


4 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead Bobs

    1. Yes, I have heard that from other sources as well. I was stumbling around google and noticed something that you might be able to clarify. Saw a court case number: 2:13-cv-03083 Thomas Wright v. Goodwill. It concerned an employment issue and was settled in February of this year. The only person I knew at GILSC as “Tom Wright” was an older man who worked there for a very long time. As I remember he was in charge of donations and retail locations. Case was evidently settled and a rather comprehensive gag order was issued. I used to talk with Tom on occasion. He was really courteous and friendly towards me. Is he no longer working there or did this employment case involve a different Tom Wright? Any details you could provide would be most appreciated.
      For those currently working or who have worked in the past at Palmetto Goodwill: If you would like to communicate your story with me privately by email do so at I would love to hear your story. Anonymity guaranteed.

      1. That’s s the correct Tom Wright v Goodwill. He had not been seen for a day or two at Goodwill. Next thing you know CEO Mr. Smith announced at a company luncheon at the North Charleston headquarters Office that Tom Wright was going to be out for a while due to “medical reasons”. Go figure…!

      2. That appears to be a load of bullshit. Here is a link to the federal court gag order surrounding his case:

        No telling what happened to old Tom. He was a decent fellow. I recon he just about had his fill of Lyin’ Bob Smith. I’ll have to do more research. He’ll make an interesting witness in any future court case if the necessity arises. Even if he can’t reveal the contents of the gag order he can sure as hell make a jury scratch their heads and wonder WTF is going on…

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