Who Says You Can’t Polish a Turd?

Bob Smith Turd polishBehold the prodigal son…being groomed to take over the reins of Palmetto Goodwill! The world is your Oyster! All those years at Kaplan online university…followed by long, hot summer days heroically dislodging morbidly obese kids from the water slide at Frankie’s Fun Park…Those years, my friend,  were not wasted! As each day passes you learn more and more!

All hail the successor to the throne…Prince David. Now, quit playing Fantasy Football and get to work…your destiny awaits!

                                              Click to Enlarge!

Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

"Okay, who hid my sunglasses?"
“Okay, who hid my sunglasses?”


2 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Polish a Turd?

  1. I just randomly picked this one. I may as well breathe some life into this empty thread. The art work of a lunatic. Truly fascinating. Of course your reply to my last post had nothing to do with my questioning of your lack of a following. Good you closed comments on that thread since there hadn’t been any in over a year and when it was new it got the attention of three people? I find you suddenly less offensive now that I know no one cares about the garbage you spew. You have no credibility and no following. Oh that’s right I forget everyone contacts you via email because they fear posting here to avoid the retaliation of the Goodwill overlords.

    1. Okay, “Ron”. That’s it. No more. I will let this comment go by but any future comments from you will go to my spam file. At first you were funny but now you’re just tiresome…a one-trick pony for sure.

      You raise issues and, even though I answer them clearly and succinctly, you bring them up again and again. You are a broken record. As of today I have 5,302 views on this blog and another 5,000 views of the posts which were on the old blog before they were transferred here. That’s not too shabby for a small, specialized blog such as this. My regular blog (2big2fall) has 32,000 views.

      Contrast that with Palmetto Goodwill’s You Tube account. You talk about no views and no comments on this blog? You guys have 37 videos on YT that are gathering well-deserved dust. I have one video on YT which easily has four times the views that all of PG’s videos combined have:

      My total views on You Tube are right at 52,000 with hundreds of comments. Palmetto Goodwill has 5,296 hits on their pathetic YT account with a grand total of four positive comments and three comments that call PG a den of thieves.

      Since you seem to be such an expert on blogs maybe you can provide a link to your own original blog…(ha! ha! be sure to turn on spell check and hire an editor). Not likely. No talent bums like you are so much better at criticizing than creating.

      You adamantly refuse to answer any of my inquiries and go off on some other tangent that you have covered over and over.* It is fairly obvious that you have some connection to Goodwill…probably financial.

      I defer to one of my favorite writers, Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

      If you decide to assume yet another phony ID please note that I will recognize your “style” immediately…especially your poor grammar, obnoxious repetitiveness,incorrect word choice, diversion, and obtuse logic. Sounds like a description of a Kaplan graduate???

      Maybe it’s time for you to “wonder” off in another direction. Oh, and while you’re at it, tell Pop to go screw himself. Better yet, tell him to go ahead and sue me. When I’m finished questioning that lying bastard he’ll be lucky to find a job selling used tractor parts at a farm implements junk yard in Cheraw or Pelion.


      *see “Brian Williams Promotes Fool’s Gold Rush for Palmetto Goodwill”

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