Palmetto Goodwill: Now Hiring!

Subtitle: Bob Smith: Human Meat Mummy

Yes, sir, step right up! We can teach you crucial workplace skills such as putting a tee shirt on a hanger, mopping a floor, throwing donated shit filled diapers into a dumpster, operating a cash register, picking up cigarette butts in the parking lot, fishing a turd out of a urinal, and much more!
We can fire your ass in no time flat and hire a whole new lot of desperate folks just like yourself so we can pad our employment numbers for a gullible public and a fawning media. We can teach you to grovel and purr in the presence of our CEO and his heir apparent. Speak when you are spoken to, ungrateful SWINE!
We can humiliate and debase your spirit when you realize that you are going to make about one-half of a living wage…while you watch our executive staff swim in the lap of luxury!

                         Click to Enlarge Photoshops! smith-meat-mummy-4-x550

Bob Smith Palmetto GoodwillBob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

palmetto goodwill

smith palmetto goodwill
Behold! Lyin’ Bob hath begotten a son named David. And David shall rule over all when the time cometh! All hail, King David!David Smith Palmetto Goodwill
Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwillbob-dresses-copy-4
Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

Lyin' Bob watchxLyin' Bob check 3


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