The Most Interesting CEO In The World


Just laying back these days…enjoying the afterglow from the recent NBC news report from Rock Center with Brian Williams.

I am going to step out on a limb and take partial credit for this. My article “NBC’s Brian Williams Promotes Fool’s Gold Rush for Goodwill Industries” was published in December of last year. In that posting, I not only take Mr. Williams to task for being manipulated by the giant Goodwill PR machine, but I also clued him in on the issue of Goodwill paying sub-minimum wages to disabled individuals.

Twenty-two cents per hour? Sounds fair to me!

I think that Mr. Williams’ journalistic ire was raised by my accusations. There was a significant uptick in the view count on my “Fool’s Gold Rush” article in the days just before the Rock Center segment was aired. If you google “Brian Williams, NBC, Goodwill” you will see my piece in the top few results. Furthermore, if you click “images” on that search entry you will see the photoshops from my blog post in first and second place. Of course, these observations about Google placement are temporal at best. You can be on top of Google one day and on page ten the next day.

Goodwill International can thank our local franchise CEO, Robert Smith, for bringing this unwanted attention to their organization. This crooked goober is the poster boy for Goodwill’s newfound image of greed, corruption, and ineptitude.

In addition to NBC, numerous national news outlets picked up the story. Watchdog’s report is one of the most damning critiques of Goodwill Industries that I have ever read:
Here is another take on the issue from Huffington Post:

As far as I have been able to ascertain, none of the local TV newsreader gobutits* picked up on this. No big surprise there. Those guys and gals are way too busy sucking up to old Bob and chomping down on the goodies at Goodwill’s catered extravaganzas to worry about a bunch of cripples, blind folks, and mentally challenged individuals whining about their damned ball and chain. Ungrateful bastards!

I would be willing to wager that many of these establishment endorsed and approved news boobs have routinely traded their journalistic integrity for a lot less than a plate full of fresh Lowcountry shrimp and an open bar.

One aspect of this story which surprised me, however, is Goodwill International’s facebook page…

They really took a beating in their comments section with over 200 people excoriating them for their stupidity and greed. I was really surprised that they didn’t delete this outpouring of anger and pretend that nothing has happened. At least they can take their medicine. If you look at Palmetto Goodwill’s facebook page you would think that nothing important transpired except for some giggling nitwit finding a “great deal on a gently used” pair of flip-flops…or a bra…or a handbag…ad-nauseum.  Occasionally the busy CEO chimes in to remind his Facebook buddies what a truly swell fella he is for doing so much good shit because Jesus told him to. What a crock! A hundred and fifty years ago this guy would have been a traveling huckster selling Big Head Bob’s Miracle Cure-All from his wagon/home.

                                                    Click to Enlarge!Big Head Bob Smith

Speaking of flip-flops, isn’t it time for Goodwill International to step up and wrest away control of Palmetto Goodwill from the Smith Dynasty?

That would be a good first step towards rebuilding the reputation of their once decent and honorable non-profit.

Just getting started with this idea. Check back for new imagery.

                              Click to Enlarge!

666 David & Bob Smith

Jim Gibbons Bat Asshole

*Dialogue from Monty Python’s Holy Grail  “Shut your festering gobutit you snotty faced heap of parrot droppings.”


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