Hello! My Name Is Satan!

Incarnate, in the flesh, the great deceiver, prince of fools. Here he shows his support for one of Goodwill’s most corrupt franchises, Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina (aka Palmetto Goodwill). The dude in the cheap suit trying to sell fake jewelry is CEO, Robert (Bob) Smith, aka-Lyin’ Bob…

 Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill

                          Click to Enlarge!let there be fake charities 3


3 thoughts on “Hello! My Name Is Satan!

  1. Im not Satan…but i play a “savior of salvage” in my day job!!!!…..
    Please donate, because we got new million dollar stores being built, and without your donations we could not do that.

    However, $7.25/ hr is what we pay…if we could pay less we would, but the there is a law against that

  2. Actually youre sadly mistaken,they can indeed pay below minimum wage to their employees because of their 501c3 tax status.When employees are hired and have a documented disability,the employee is then time studied,and based on their production performance,they can pay subminimum wages..its extremely evil what they do..at store 251 in the Surfside Beach area,they have these disabled kids come in every weekday from 9am-1pm,they get a lunch break though..so anyway they are brought in from the Conway area,about a dozen of them,they are supervised and are expected to hang a certain amount of clothing in the time alotted,and from what i was told,they make about a total of 10$ each for their days work,if thats not slave labor,i dont know what is…oh also,they call this group an “enclave”, and theyre really nicd kids.its just sad they get abused like that..

    1. Soopertrooper,
      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I suspect that many current and former Palmetto Goodwill employees have been viewing not just this blog but
      smilinggsucks.me as well. Please pass the link to this blog to others who may have had the distinct misfortune to labor for this stifling, phony organization.
      It’s easy to post anonymously. Bring enough attention to this issue and we can force a change. It’s long overdue. The CEO has to go. That’s just a start, however, as there are a lot of executives who need re-assessment and review within GILSC. They need a functioning board of directors as well. The current one appears to be little more than a rubber stamp for the CEO.

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