Goodwill Industries: Who Profits?

I was so moved by a comment that was just posted on the “About” post of this blog that I decided to give this guy his own space. His name is Chip Brokaw and he was a former employee of Goodwill Industries in Portland, Oregon. Chip posted a video on YouTube with his take on the issue. It is a very good production from a very talented film maker…enjoy….

One difference that I must note about Chip’s take on this bogus “charity” is that the Goodwill franchise in Portland is not immune from solid investigative reporting by responsible local news organizations. Contrast that with the so-called “journalists” here in the Carolina Lowcountry…slobbering, fawning sycophants who genuflect or bow in the presence of El Bobbarino…Omniscient Overseer of Palmetto Goodwill Plantation…aka Robert (Bob) Smith.

Goodwill Job Training


4 thoughts on “Goodwill Industries: Who Profits?

  1. They create jobs?? What a joke! Any company that hires a person creates jobs.

    However when a Goodwill hires a new person for a menial job like unloading donors cars from unwanted garage sale items or moldy, pissed stained clothes they are ” doing the community a big favor”.. And yes the starting pay is minimum wage and most will never see an increase in pay before they are fired or realize that its backbreaking work with no future.

    Basically when a industry with high turnover such as fast food, retail, etc have high turnover they look for ways to encourage employee loyalty to reduce the cost of hiring and training and show value to the employee.

    At Goodwill of lower SC, they view turnover as a good thing, because every new position that is posted and advertised and when it is filled its counted as a “Person Served”. Makes them look like they are doing something!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It just confirms my belief that this so-called “charity” is little more than a scheme by a cabal of sociopathic criminals determined to milk the public trust in order to line their own pockets.
      The CEO of Palmetto Goodwill is a transparent freak and a fraud to boot. He pounds his chest and shouts his love for Jesus at every opportunity. That’s enough for a gullible public to fall for his BS.

  2. goodwill industries is a greedy for profit charity i used to work at goodwill industries of central north carolina 1235 south elm eugene street greensboro n.c. 27406 i know a lot about them to have them exposed for fraud i had to take clothes out of a trailer guess where the clothes ended up that had mildew on them in the compactor i quit after 34 days

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