NBC’s Brian Williams Promotes Fool’s Gold Rush For Goodwill Industries

Fool's Gold Rush Goodwill Industries

Note:  I wrote and published the article below in December of 2012. Perhaps NBC has gotten the message because they finally addressed the issues I brought up. Kudos to the journalists at NBC for coming to the realization that they were taken for a ride by Goodwill’s massive public relations machine:



I just watched a segment on the NBC nightly news where anchor, Brian Williams, ended his broadcast with a story of “treasures” found by lucky shoppers at Goodwill thrift stores. The piece featured the saga of Karen Mallet who wandered into a Goodwill store in Milwaukee and spent just under $13 for a lithograph by Alexander Calder. Turns out the artwork was worth about $12,000. He then mentioned other valuable artwork which sold online for prices ranging to over $150,000. He did not emphasize that subsequent items he described were not found by customers but by Goodwill employees who turned them over to their online sales department.

The whole impetus of the piece was something to the effect of: “Hey, folks! Rush on down to Goodwill! Thar’s treasures a waitin’!” I hate to bust anyone’s bubble out there because we all like to fantasize about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but, truthfully, you have about as much chance of finding an item of significant value at a Goodwill store as you have of picking five sequential number in the lottery.

This piece of deceptive journalism was little more than Mr. Williams holding out a carrot in front of a donkey. How many unsuspecting dolts and rubes who saw this “news” report will rush over to their nearest Goodwill with delusions of stumbling upon priceless treasures…only to find endless piles of plastic knick knacks, scratched up LP records, boxes full of cassette and video tapes, and serviceable but overpriced used clothing and furniture? Let’s not forget the huge selection of exciting romance novels, out-of-date textbooks, baseball hats, cheap toys, and used shoes.

I guess that I am being a little harsh. There are thousands of free standing Goodwill stores all over the country now, some good, some better, and some quite bad. Goodwill has been very busy in the last decade in a process of rebranding. Much of that process involves the construction of expensive new buildings very similar in appearance, using the same or similar construction materials, display racks, interior design, etc.

And…all important…the donation drive-thru. So quick! So convenient!

Standardization. Branding.

These buildings are expensive to operate. Imagine the electric bill alone. $2,000 per month is probably not unusual. Goodwill needed to raise money. In order to do that they had to appeal to a more affluent customer base. The new stores attracted so many bargain hunters that donations improved dramatically and Goodwill was able to raise prices. Okay for the new middle-class customers but a little difficult on the poorer folks who used to depend upon Goodwill.

Shouldn’t the most good will be shown to the least among us?

Mr. Williams, perhaps unwittingly, provided a public relations service for this questionable “charity” that does everything in its power to make sure anything of real value will not make it to the sales floor. Almost every Goodwill franchise in the country maintains Amazon and eBay accounts and 99.9% of the “good stuff” winds up online.

I know from whence I speak as I made my living for 10 years by selling on eBay and Amazon and at least half of my income was derived from Goodwill “finds.” That all ended abruptly about three years ago when my local Goodwill franchise started selling online. The quality product simply disappeared into the bowels of their online sales department.

This newly discovered income goes a long way towards supporting the huge salaries that Goodwill executives rake in. The head of Goodwill International pulls down $500,000 per year. Our local franchise CEO rakes in about $260,000 per year. Yup, there’s gold in Goodwill but it sure as hell ain’t going to go into your pockets…or in the pockets of the lower-level workers either.

If Mr. Williams wanted to read a piece of real journalism from his teleprompter maybe he should have spoken about the huge organized protest directed at Goodwill Industries by the National Federation of the Blind this past summer. This story was not covered by the national news but it received superfluous attention from local news sources in areas where the protests took place.

There is a provision in the minimum-wage law that allows a company to pay subminimum wages to disabled employees if they meet certain standards as regulated by the US Department of Labor. The employer has to submit a form WH-226-MIS (special wage certificate) and do “time studies” to evaluate how “efficient” an employee is. Once that certificate is approved the employer is allowed to pay less than minimum wage.

Protesters were claiming that 64 of the 165 Goodwill franchises use these laws to pay disabled and blind workers wages that are slightly above that earned by laborers in a Bangladesh sweat shop (Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the National Federation of the Blind confirm that some Goodwill workers are paid as little as 22 cents per hour). Below are but a few of the links concerning this protest that I found online. I urge my readers to delve into the comments section which follows the articles:




Invariably, wherever these protests occurred, the local Goodwill offered up company shills to assert that, while unnamed Goodwill franchises may be stooping to this terrible injustice, THEY were not amongst them.

Charleston mainstream media did not cover the protests at all. I am not surprised by this. Their relationship to Palmetto Goodwill is akin to the loving mother who shields an exceptionally ugly baby from the stares of strangers. Besides, these news readers are way too busy reporting on important stuff like “Two-headed snake found in South Carolina” and “Which fast food franchise has the best smoothie” to worry about the screwing being administered to the least among us. God forgive them but…not to worry. I’m sure that they can assuage their collective guilt by getting plastered at local watering holes and golf courses while hobnobbing with the movers and shakers in our community.

So, Brian herein is a story that involves real investigative journalism. I am guessing, however, that it is of little interest to you, your network, or any other “major” news outlet as it does not presume a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I certainly hope I did not ruffle up your $200 haircut with my critique of this sad piece of public relations being passed off as journalism.

Postscript: Mr. Williams more than made up for this sucker punch he took from the Goodwill propaganda machine. Some months later he did a story about Goodwill’s payment of subminimum wages to the disabled. His finely crafted story ignited a firestorm all over the internet. Unfortunately, I don’t think Goodwill really gives a crap because from what I have seen, they are still ripping off these vulnerable disabled folks. Perhaps a follow-up report is in order. How many Goodwill’s are still paying sub-minimum wages? I sure would like to see an NBC team show up in Charleston, South Carolina demanding answers from the low-down crook who runs Palmetto Goodwill.  

I gave Mr. Williams high praise in my article “The Most Interesting CEO in the World.” See table of contents in the sidebar…

Brian Williams Pimps Goodwill


28 thoughts on “NBC’s Brian Williams Promotes Fool’s Gold Rush For Goodwill Industries

  1. you should really learn all the facts prior to posting your one sided opinion. Goodwill does more good than meets the eye. So maybe some goodwill’s do pay at that rate, you cannot condemn all; also, those blind workers knew what they were getting paid, and they still took the job. MOST retailers would not hire someone that is disabled in that way because they could not form the tasks needed, yet goodwill; still a retailer, does just that. Do you even know why the retail stores are there? what that revenue goes towards? How many disabled people have a job because of goodwill, and get paid minimum wage or more?? What the mission statement is? if you can answer those questions then most of what you wrote is complete garbage, and you should be ashamed to write bad about a company that does more good then you could even fathom.

    1. You are obviously a Goodwill insider…probably some mid-level worker in a HQ. You will take your little comment and run around the office showing your co-workers and superiors what a team play you are.

      I can see you now: Skipping around with your fingers crossed…hoping they will choose YOU to move in that vacated office down the hall (the one with the window).

      Seriously? If you want to move up the ladder at Goodwill you need to get off your knees, wipe the shit off your nose, and go buy a copy of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

      The give away was your comment about the “mission statement”. Goodwill sycophants always whip out that limp dick and wave it around whenever they are cornered and don’t have anything to say. I have seen it a hundred times.

      Read my article on this blog “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier?” That article was published almost two years ago. Our local Goodwill retains one of the most powerful law firms in South Carolina, Nexsen and Pruet. If I had published a lie they would have squashed my blog a long time ago.

      There are 165 Goodwill franchises in the USA. Only 64 of them utilize the sub-minimum wage rate. That means there are 101 Goodwill franchises which refuse to deny their disabled employees minimum wage. Seems like Goodwill International is going round-and-round trying to protect the interests of a minority of their franchises.

      If Goodwill Int. can pay their worthless CEO $729,000 per year, they can damn well raise Johnny & Martha Nobody’s pay from 22 cents per hour to fucking minimum wage.

      1. Unfortunately the picture in your head is not accurate, hmm where to begin…. Basically you were wrong with everything you think about me. I am not a goodwill insider, I do not work for goodwill anymore, (I worked in one of the stores through college, so I guess you were partially right, congrats on one!) nor would I skip around with my fingers crossed hoping I would get a position handed to me, just because I posted something defending the company. Actually, if I was the manager in that situation, I may appreciate the fact they possibly they cared, yet be pissed and ask them to delete their comment and refrain from posting. I do not go down on my knees hoping that being a kiss ass will get me the big promotion, I work hard for what I want, and would never stoop to that level in hopes that is all I need to do to move on up. But, if I ever decided to become a lazy fat ass and sit behind a desk all day, I would make sure it was one with a nice big window.

        I would like to compliment you on bringing up the book the Art of War, this is one of my favorite books, and one that I frequently look at. This book has taught and proven many tactics for me, and each time I read it, I feel inspired all over again.

        Ahh, your limp dick comment, good one, I laughed just as hard as you trying to describe the exact opposite of me. Now I cannot speak for all Goodwill’s, each one is ran differently, each with their own CEO, policies and procedures yada yada yada, you seem bright, I’m sure you can see where I am going with that. With that being said, I don’t think its right to reprehend on all goodwill stores, where basically the name is what links them together. Oh that treacherous mission statement, yes god forbid anyone brings up the fact they do so much for people, shame on me and all those goodwill scyphorants. Do you know how many people, disabled or not have been helped because of that mission statement? So many think it is in the stores where the mission takes place that the store provides all these jobs and training, and that’s where the misconception takes place. Of course, no one is turned down for the job just because they have a disability, if they can perform the task that they are applying for; then they’re just as qualified for the job as any other person. The retail store are there to make money for the facilities that provide the training and job; yes there are goals that each individual needs to make to keep their job, if you had an underperformer, would you not take appropriate action? This individual who is blind was hired only being able to do minimal tasks, a task that was not done at the store I worked at. Thus, is why I do not feel entirely bad for the people that are making less than minimum wage, they knew how much they were going to make when they were told they got the job, why would you take it if you felt it was unfair?

      2. The “picture” in my head regarding Goodwill is quite accurate and is based not just on personal experience but on research as well. If you read the “About” section of this blog I cite many instances of Goodwill mismanagement and corruption going back to the 80’s.

        Of course there are well-run Goodwills in the country where the upper management is not composed of self-serving sociopaths. That is not the case where I live (South Carolina Lowcountry).

        Once again, I would urge you to read the blog posting titled “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier?”. If you look at the table of contents on the right side of your screen you will see that posting towards the bottom. That single article is the crux of this entire blog. At the end there is a postscript (in italics) where I talk about an incident that drove me to start this blog.

  2. This is totally wrong. I work at a Goodwill, just as a sales associate at a retail store. And before you make another comment like the other, my manager would have me fired for commenting like this. I was just discussing this issue with a disabled coworker of mine and found out that he actually makes mor money than me, and I make a 1.50 over the federal minimum wage.

    Also, the average CEO of a national company makes over $10 million and our CEO of an international company with stores all over the world makes only $1 million a year.

    And in the case of paying far below minimum wage, we are actually losing money, because caretakers have to be hired to look after these people with severe disabilities and their production is so low that they provide no benefit to our organization.

    We sell the quality items because Goodwills mission is not to provide low cost items for the poor but to be an employment service to help people gain work experience and the more money we make, the more people we employ.

    Please be respectful of an organization that does do some good. Are there faults? Of course. It’s a human organization and humans are messy and don’t always do the right thing. But my experience has been with people with good hearts trying to really benefit others.

    1. I notice that all of the pro-Goodwill comments here are about the NBC segment by Brian Williams…very suspicious. That is not what this article is about. It is about the disappearance of quality items into the online sales department and the implication that you can still find items of extreme value on the sales floor. Those days are long gone.

      I spent right at 10 years going into Goodwill stores on a near-daily basis. I spoke with a lot of employees. I saw relatively new hires who, like you, were all Gung-Ho and loyal to the company. Over time, I watched those attitudes do a complete turn-around as the low wages and poor treatment took its toll. I saw a lot of fearful, frustrated individuals who were more or less resigned to their fate.

      If you are thinking of showing your comment to the bosses you screwed yourself when you said of the disabled: “and their production is so low that they provide no benefit to our organization.”

      I am quite certain that your bosses will object to the “no benefit to our organization” observation.

      Come back in six months and let me know how you feel…

  3. It is painfully true, Goodwill operates such a deceptive (but not illegal) scheme to profit of the labor of the disabled they are suppose to help.
    1) Goodwill takes advantage of a 75 year old labor law which allows paying disabled less than minimum wage.
    2) Goodwill gets money from the State Government and federal grants to provide “job training services.” This money is what eventually goes into the disabled workers measly paycheck and covers associated costs. Your donations ARE NOT what provide jobs to the disabled. Your donations go to the $500 to $1M CEO salaries.
    3) Goodwill makes sure they are not refereed to as employees. If they become officially labeled employees they would be required by law to be paid min wage and receive benefits. So they come up with colorful euphemisms like ‘person receiving services.’

    Bottom line is there is just pay them minimum wage!! Argument and bad spotlight over! I used to work there so I learned how the scheme operates.

    1. Good stuff, John and it sure beats all of the phony Goodwill insider comments I have read not just here, but on other sites. You should check out Goodwill International’s facebook page. I can’t believe that they have not erased the mountain of negative comments on that site:

  4. You are utterly clueless and mean spirited. I find it odd that you object to Goodwill or any charity for that matter getting full potential value out of an item. Whether they sell it in the store or online at least the money benefits a disabled person. Do you honestly think Goodwill catches every single item that comes through. The story makes it obvious that they do not. How did you fail to recognize that? Oh I know because every thought in your head is tainted with the hatred that surrounds your soul.

    1. You stated:”Do you honestly think Goodwill catches every single item that comes through. The story makes it obvious that they do not. How did you fail to recognize that?” Note that I never said that GW finds “every single” item of value. That is your own made up assumption. I said that you have as much chance of finding an item of significant value as you do of picking 5 consecutive numbers in the lottery. I did not say the Pick Six (Powerball) game where your chances of winning are a tiny fraction of Pick Five. The story does not make it “obvious” that lots of high dollar items are found. Mr. Williams only referred to one person finding an expensive work of art. The other two were found by GW employees and turned over to their online sales department.

      Yes, my soul is so tainted with hatred that I readily approved your comment and did not just delete it. And I am mean spirited…for objecting that disabled citizens working for this fake charity get slave wages as low as 22 cents per hour while executives rake in huge salaries, benefits, and perks. You said that the money that comes in “benefits a disabled person.” If, by disabled, you mean the greedy asshole CEO of Palmetto Goodwill, then you are absolutely correct…assuming that you agree that being a greedy asshole is a disability.

      And, of course, I had no right to complain when I was punished for exposing a theft ring composed of dishonest customers and crooked employees which hijacked over a hundred grand worth of the public’s donations. I was a whistle blower. Palmetto Goodwill did nothing to the crooks who were caught red-handed. They are still welcome customers. They attacked me with a vengeance, however, in the erroneous belief that I would go away.

      Prosecution of the thieves would have resulted in publicity. It would have been revealed that their security was very lax. The guy who was in charge of security wanted to go after the crooks. He was fired and replaced by the CEO’s dopey, unqualified son. What better way to hide problems than to keep it in the family?

      They screwed around with the wrong guy when they went after me. I fight back one hundred fold. Sorry, but life is way to short to drop your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles every time some crooked sociopath in a position of power decides you are expendable.

      Alas, have I no shame?

  5. I stand corrected. You’re not mean spirited you’re utterly insane. Umm, well insane with a vendetta. You made that clear. You’re judgement is clouded by your delusions. I now just feel sorry for you. Whatever that rant was, it simply reinforces that you are disturbed. I stumbled upon your hate mongering little crazy corner of the web by mistake. I’m glad I peeked in. Goodwill has existed for over a century so good luck bringing it down with your blog. Hell but don’t give up, waging a war against a charity is such a noble cause. You will have armies of followers in no time.

  6. “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Eric Hoffer

    Well, Ron (assuming that’s your real name. I couldn’t give two good shits if you “feel sorry” for me. You made up your mind early on and no amount of logic, or reason, or clear evidence will convince you that your image of Goodwill Industries is not only false, but a sign of abject stupidity.

    I am not waging a war against a national “charity.” I am railing against a phony baloney group of self-serving scumbags right here in the Carolina Lowcountry. There are plenty of others who are going after the whole concept of Goodwill. More power and God Speed to them. As to my “army of followers”…if you simply google “Goodwill Industries Scam” or “Goodwill Industries complaints” you will find lots of articles by investigative journalists as well as thousands of comments from ex-employees and customers who, unlike yourself, are wise to what is really going on with this BS organization.
    Here is one of many:
    You can also check the About section of this blog if you want to read about former Goodwill CEOs who have been arrested, tried, and jailed.

    My guess is that you are somehow connected to this gang of con-artists and cheap, overpaid crooks and dare not shit in your own nest. You sound like Goodwill executive material to me…or perhaps one of the self-promoting idiotic pawns of Bob Smith who serve on Palmetto Goodwill’s Board.

  7. Just keep wasting your breath. I suddenly think of all the Walmart haters out there who preach endlessly about that evil empire. There are passionate detractors who after all their legitimate preaching have had no effect on the billions that walmart makes annually. Why? Because people don’t give a rats ass as long as they are getting a good deal. That’s where you really lose, with Goodwill you’re up against better prices than Walmart all backed by a cause. Again no one gives a shit as long as they get a bargain. Hell you’re preaching the demise of Goodwill because they’re a scam? My bet is 90% of Goodwill donors and Goodwill shoppers have not a clue what the Goodwill mission is. The reality is you’re waging a war against the oblivious bargain hunter. Lmao. Good luck with that.

  8. Just keep wasting your breath. I suddenly think of all the Walmart haters out there who preach endlessly about that evil empire. There are passionate detractors who after all their legitimate preaching have had no effect on the billions that walmart makes annually. Why? Because people don’t give a rats ass as long as they are getting a good deal. That’s where you really lose, with Goodwill you’re up against better prices than Walmart all backed by a cause. Again no one gives a shit as long as they get a bargain. Hell you’re preaching the demise of Goodwill because they’re a scam? My bet is 90% of Goodwill donors and Goodwill shoppers have not a clue what the Goodwill mission is. The reality is you’re waging a war against the oblivious bargain hunter. Lmao. Good luck with that. Thanks for the ban. I will miss you.

  9. But then again I’m back. Emboldened by your inability to take the heat of hearing an opposing viewpoint. Ban them if they don’t agree with you or if they put your absurd arguments to shame. That sub minimum wage wage comment got ya huh? You couldn’t stand it so you yanked it. I’ll say it again grow a set you pathetic hate monger. You just proved you’re a pussy. I just read more about what drives your hatred. Because Goodwill had the nerve to make money on books instead of you. Oh poor thing couldn’t get a real job so you thought why not live off a charity. They figured you out and outdid you. Leaving you dog eared, broken spine, mold infested garbage. Goodwill ruined your racket. Boohoo.

    1. Yes, Ron, I guess you’re back. You were a busy little camper last night. Actually, I had no intention of banning you. I just wanted to see how you would react. I figured you would go ballistic and make a damned fool of yourself. You’ve been played, sucker. Enjoy yourself. You might want to check out my latest entry “Night of the Living Dead Bobs.” I’m sure you’ll have a blast with that one.

      Also, did you know that I have another Goodwill blog? Yup! Go on over there and check it out. Just google “Smiling G Sucks.” Smiling G is the Goodwill mascot but, honestly, I like my version of the mascot much better. To that end you may want to check out “Paper Doll Cutout Fun With Bongo Monkey Turd.” It is in the table of contents on this blog.

      Now, get on your ass and leave more comments. You are driving my hits through the roof. One other thing: The last comment is poorly constructed. Break up the nonsense into paragraphs. It makes your rabid thoughts easier to read. Wipe the drool off your mouth and get busy, boy, thar’s a keyboard war a goin’ on here!

      And, please, stay as drunk as you obviously were when you posted all that crazy, incoherent shit last night. Most drunks are just stupid and obnoxious but you’re stupid, obnoxious, and funny as hell!

  10. Hurry bitch ban me. You know you don’t like being outdone. Just like some charity stole your livelihood and you make them pay for it. Sitting behind a keyboard slandering them for all eternity. Guess there’s not much money in spewing venom. But hey what the hell you knew you had a good thing then those fuckers got wise, fucking pricks. Why couldn’t they just let you live off them rather than getting a real job. Hey I have an idea. Goodwill is about second chances, maybe they’ll give you one and let you sort books.

  11. Oh the plot thickens. I just read another part of this bizarre little world of yours and voila I discover that you’re also racist scum.

  12. Did you dose off? Did your meds kick in? Sleep dear nutcase, the hatred will be back tomorrow. The meds aren’t a cure they just relieve the hatred temporarily.

  13. Hey bitch, can’t fight like a real man in the open. Can’t take having a conversation? Just want to preach your vile venom without retaliation huh? I just discovered another fascinating fact. You were a long time regular Goodwill shopper. That put it in total perspective. The percentage of lunacy among regular Goodwill shoppers hovers around a good 15%. I’m talking the truly ape shit crazy motherfuckers like yourself who really have no existence without their daily trip to the store to spend a few hours pretending they are socializing when in fact they are a despised nuisance to the store staff. I’m sure store staff had a nickname for you. Oh great here comes fucking book loser dude again. Why the fuck does book loser dude talk to me every day. I should find a new job because I can’t stand another day of waiting on book loser dude. Why doesn’t book loser dude get a fucking job and stay out of goodwill . When do you think book loser dude bathed last? Oh fuck book loser dude has been here for 6 hours. Do you think book loser dude has gotten laid in the last 20 years? I bet book loser dude spends his nights hiding behind a keyboard pretending he has a life. Right book loser dude?

    1. “Hey bitch, can’t fight like a real man in the open.” Ha! Ha! Good one. I am reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” where the black knight won’t let the Python knight pass and winds up getting all of his limbs chopped off while still hollering and calling his adversary a coward. Speaking of Monty Python you really need to check out the post “Lyin’ Bob In Rehab.” I made a lot of changes in that one. Aside from Bob doing his impression of Festus from “Gunsmoke”, I also pursue the Python imagery.

      This is your version of a conversation? You want to read a real “conversation” on this post scroll up and see Mary’s comments. Aside from the fact that she, too, jams her thoughts into single long paragraphs, at least she is willing to give and take. And, unlike yourself, she is coherent and persuasive.

      I am sorry, dude, but I just can’t stay pissed off at you. You are way too funny! You remind me of the six-foot sub sandwich that Homer Simpson kept under his pillow for a week so he wouldn’t have to get up and get a midnight snack from the fridge. Marge finally makes him throw it out but Homer rescues the green, festering, fly-covered remnants and munches down…getting food poisoning but, “It was worth it,” sez Homer.

  14. Oh my. I just brought my rants down to your level. Drove your hits through the roof? Take your meds. No one reads your blog or cares about your fight with goodwill. Talk about incoherent writing? You wonder off on obscure tangents and suddenly wonder aimlessly back to your Goodwill hatred. Very strange. I am somewhat amazed that the district which you are obsessed with can’t get you for slander. My bet is they are aware of your disability/mental illness and simply ignore you.

    1. Drunk again, Ron? Your comment: “You wonder off on obscure tangents and suddenly wonder aimlessly back to your Goodwill hatred.”
      I “wonder” off?”
      Don’t you mean “wander?” But, then again, who am I to argue with such a formidable opponent such as yourself, grammatical or otherwise?

      Read the post “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie To The Charleston Post and Courier?” Try to stay sober. Go sit in a corner and scratch your head over ever line.
      That will explain why PG doesn’t sue me for slander. I wish they would. Nexsen Pruet (GW’s law firm) knows better. They know that the CEO is an imbecile and, in any courtroom, will wind up putting his foot in his mouth. He will be exposed for the self-promoting narcissist that he is. I could run circles around this dimwitted putz.

      Keep it up! The hits are rolling in.

  15. Oh the lowest form of criticism. The pathetic grammar attack. You buy books at Goodwill you twit, you don’t write them. I stand by my assertion that they don’t come after you because they pity you. I dare you to show your blog to a mental health care professional. I wonder what a psychologist would have say about your scatalogical obsession? Fecal imagery Is your thing huh? The obsessive hatred? The convoluted logic? The childish graphics? This creation of yours is a fascinating peek into a disturbed mind. Maybe that’s it, they don’t pity you, they fear you. I know I would.

    1. Me? Obsessed with Poop? That’s a lot of crap! And, if it were true, it is a trait which I share with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Need proof? Check out this article from my other blog:


      Also, for your edification I am including one of my favorite fart videos on YouTube:

      Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. I will show my stuff to a mental health care professional if you will hop in a time machine with me and show my fifth grade teacher (Miss Skinner) some examples of your grammar and composition. Better wear gloves! Otherwise, she will whack your silly little effeminate, limp-wristed paws raw with her deadly oak ruler.

      Glad to see that you find me “fascinating” however, and hope that this relationship can blossom into something more meaningful and fulfilling.

  16. Funny thing I have noticed after a few days here with you. You have gathered not a single other comment. Then I looked around the site. Of course I found loads more juvenile “artwork” from your twisted mind but not really any comments there either. You are ignored except for me. I guess you’re right, your hits have doubled! From none to one daily. I just observed that this thread is also over a year old. I really should pay better attention. No wonder you find yourself longing for me.

    1. This is going to be a rather long response so maybe you should get sober before you veer off into an unrelated rant.

      Well, “Ron”, you couldn’t have been looking too hard because you would have seen the two new comments on “Night of the Living Dead Bobs.” I have no idea what the age of this thread has to do with anything but, if you think it’s an important issue, it must be. Also note that most PG employees are probably afraid to post here. That would explain the numerous revealing communications which I receive on my email account. There are a lot of people at HQ and in other managerial positions who want to see Lyin’ Bob go down in flames. He prefers to rule through fear and intimidation rather than integrity and fairness. That method only works if you have the wisdom of Sun Tzu or the cunning of Machiavelli. A dumb ass just can’t pull it off…

      Note that a couple of years ago over half of the threads on this blog were on my regular blog (2big2fall). I decided to create this newer blog because I had so much to say about Lyin’ Bob and I figured he needed his own space. When I removed the Goodwill related threads I had to recreate them entirely on this blog. In doing so I could not carry over the comments with me.

      That being said and, since you seem to know so much about what is going on at Palmetto Goodwill, maybe you can clarify an issue that has been bothering me. It concerns the sudden disappearance of long time PG executive Tom Wright from the hallowed halls of HQ. I was searching around google one day and ran across federal court case (2:13-cv-03083 Wright v. Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina). It was an employment case.

      I did some more digging and discovered this rather comprehensive gag order surrounding the case:

      Lyin’ Bob told a gathered crowd at PG that Tom was taking a bit of sick leave. That turns out to be yet another lie from his holiness.

      Maybe you can illuminate me as to the nepotism situation at Palmetto Goodwill. I am referring, of course, to the highly paid idiot son of the CEO. I understand from my ever expanding inside sources that this issue is a real sore point at HQ.

      Did that situation have anything to do with Tom Wright’s departure and the lawsuit and gag order which followed? Tom was a straight shooter and a crusty old New England fart. I really liked him.

      I heard an ugly rumor that Tom got into a serious fight with David during a staff meeting. My unreliable source told me that David was yapping nonstop about his heroic days rescuing fat kids from the water slide at Frankie’s Fun Park when Tom called him an “obnoxious little pussy” and told him to just STFU. Well, one thing led to another and they got in each other’s face. Tom cold cocked David and, while he was down, he removed the Kaplan U. graduation ring from David’s hand. He then yanked down David’s pants, tore off his adult diaper, and was frantically trying to stuff the ring up the prodigal son’s rear end when he was finally restrained by some burly janitors.

      Rumor had it that David freaked out and sat on Pop’s lap at work for two days…all the while crying and sucking on an adult pacifier.

      I wish I knew how to contact Tom Wright. I would send him a trophy or a plaque for putting up with God knows how many decades of bullshit from the Bob family.

      One last item: If you google “Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill” (or Robert), you will notice that I have at least four articles on the first page and, if you click on images, you will see that I own the top results. Don’t tell me nobody sees or cares what I am doing to this greasy, lying bastard. I would not be at the top of the search results if nobody was paying attention.

      Please note that I am closing comments on this post. You are more than welcome to go to other posts on this blog. If, however, you continue to post your broken record responses, I think it’s time for you to move on.

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