New Website Dedicated to Smiling G (Goodwill Mascot)

As my readers are well aware, a few months ago Palmetto Goodwill’s law firm complained to WordPress that I was violating copyright law by posting images of their pathetic mascot, Smiling G. I was also accused of using copyrighted images of their store fronts.

Even though the nice folks at WordPress told me to sit back and wait, I went ahead and took down the “offending” images of their two dollar mascot costume and their store fronts and replaced them with my own imaginary Palmetto Goodwill Mascot, Bongo Monkey Turd.

Say hi to the folks, BMT…

I have to thank Palmetto Goodwill and Nexsen Pruet (PG’s law firm) for their actions in trying to silence me. As a result of that bit of legal mumbo jumbo, my creative instinct wandered into frontiers heretofore unexplored. I only hope that they can find some reason to further stymie my assault on this phony baloney “charity.” Lord only knows what may ooze out of my mind if that happens!


Anyway, I have created a whole new blog called Smiling G Sucks. Just getting started with this idea but I expect that, over time, this new site will offer up even more in the way of goofy parodies. It’s going to take a while to get this new task fully implemented so be patient.

(Click on highlighted paragraph above to go to Smiling G Sucks)

I suppose that I am in for another round of noodle lashing from Goodwill’s law firm…yawn. I wish they would just cut the crap and sue me. There’s nothing more that I would like to do than to put old Bob on the stand and ask him to read the article “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier?” to a jury. I can see it now. His head would probably start spinning around and he would be spewing pea soup in every which direction. Hard to get a jury on your side when they are forced to wipe green puke off their bifocals.

Do they allow cameras in a courtroom? I hope so ’cause I would slap that puppy up on YouTube in a heartbeat. Bob would become the latest (albeit unemployed) internet sensation.

If you google “Bob Smith Palmetto Goodwill” and click on “images” you will discover that my photoshops have practically taken over. It varies from day to day but last night I checked in and found that forty-nine out of fifty of the top rated pictures were my uploads. That has to be taking a toll on Palmetto Goodwill’s image in the community.

Once again, I have a standing offer to meet with the Palmetto Goodwill Board of Directors and PG’s attorneys (sans Robert) to see if we can find an amicable way to end this crusade.


3 thoughts on “New Website Dedicated to Smiling G (Goodwill Mascot)

  1. I have a small business next to Goodwill. Goodwill is freeloading on my business. They do not have adequate parking nor adequate restrooms (which is only 1 for customers and 2 “in the back” for employees) for the many customers who visit their store. So a lot of their employees, customers, and vendors end up parking on my property. I counted over 10 vehicles at one time the other day. After informing a couple of Goodwill executives of this, the response is that I should tow their customers off my property and refuse their customers from using my restrooms. Which I suppose I could do, if I were totally heartless. So the great Goodwill, which portrays itself as a good honest non-profit wants me to tow their customers away (which is not nice and could financially hurt some who don’t have much money) and refuse people from using the restroom (which is just not nice if the people really do have to go). I told them that towing people and refusing them from restroom is just not right. So you might think that my business is right next door to Goodwill. Nope, it’s across the street. So obviously, Goodwill does not have adequate parking or restrooms if their employees and customers are having to cross the street to encroach on my business. But the non-profit does not seem to care; it seems that they are in denial. It’s extra frustrating because Goodwill knows that it is wrong, but it refuses to do what is right: to expand their parking lot and add more restrooms and not freeload off other businesses that do care about people.

  2. Don’t expect much in the way of reasonable and just behavior from Goodwill executives. They tend to weed out employees without a ruthless streak long before they get to the upper levels. Follow the money trail…

  3. Must be the Outlet store on rivers ave you refereing to? Walk in that store and you will walk right out, Its controlled by vendors, especially by the hispanic population where you will see fights over used shoes, and hoards of vendors that have cornered the market there, etc. The store is controlled by these people. Any employee there will tell you the same, if they dont they getting a cut of the merchandise going out the back door…

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