Exciting New Contender Vies for Bongo Monkey Turd Sidekick Gig

Palmetto Goodwill is bowing to public pressure to create a sidekick for Bongo Monkey Turd. So many have tried…so many have failed. An open audition was held this past Saturday evening at company headquarters. It was a ho-hum affair throughout the first four or five performances until, out of nowhere, there appeared a sparkling presence that left company executives spastic with glee.

The spastic with glee part was weird enough but when the bigwigs formed a circle and played the drum part for “Wipeout” on their pants zippers while the CEO blew out the melody on a kazoo…well…that was a little excessive.

Nobody expected much when the hopeful supplicant came on stage but…when the lights went down…a voice boomed out:

“Greetings, Goodwill Executives. I am Frowny T and I’m here to show you why I should be Bongo Monkey Turd’s sidekick!”

                “Let the Powerpoint Presentation Begin”



At this point Goodwill executives were weeping in righteous joy.


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