Palmetto Goodwill Photoshop Dumping Ground

I guess that I will just use this post as a dumping ground for Photoshop odds n’ ends related to my part-time nemesis…Palmetto Goodwill. No single unifying theme here. The pictures will come and go as I construct, de-construct, add to, and take away from…

Palmetto Goodwill Hell

I am also thinking about putting together a Bongo Monkey Turd Cookbook.

Above gag lifted from Curly Howard!
Next: Watch the Amazing Roberto fart out a $30,000 bonus for himself!

Perhaps BMT will do an episode titled: “Bongo Monkey Turd: In Darwin’s Footsteps.”

Still working out caption ideas. Probably will involve difficulty of picking nose in a diving suit.
“Man the Lifeboats! Puppets and Fat Ladies First!”


smith gollum_ringxBat-Bob-cave-2Click to Enlarge!#3-header#7-header


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