Site Undergoing Reconstruction Courtesy Of Goodwill Lawyers

Just received a notification from wordpress that Goodwill’s lawyers filed a complaint that I was using their images in violation of copyright law. Never mind that photoshops making fun of practically every corporation in existence abound on the internet. Specifically they claimed that I was illegally using images of their pathetic, two dollar mascot costume and their store fronts. Just as well. I was getting sick of looking at images of old Smiling G and I want to pull off the road and puke whenever I drive by one of their new mega stores.

They better hope that they have more than this in their arsenal. Rubber tipped arrows and spitballs won’t cut it. It is going to take me a while to complete the new concept so bear with me. I am temporarily replacing the banned photoshops with censorship images. Those images, in turn, will be replaced with more elaborate and (hopefully) funnier images. This site will be bigger and better than ever even without their bozo trademarks.

When I read the complaint forwarded to me by wordpress there were two highlighted links. One was generic for the site itself. The other was the article titled “Did Palmetto Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier.” Strange that Goodwill’s attorneys included this link because there was only one photoshop that had a picture of a Goodwill store in the background. There could have been “copyright violations” in the rotating header section that runs across the top of the screen. There were many other articles which I wrote that had as many as 14 photoshops included but they chose this one specifically to complain about? My guess is that they were hoping that wordpress would instantly remove that particular article.

There is a rather simple explanation for this. Goodwill CEO Bob Smith desperately wants it removed because it is the crux of this entire blog. I exchanged several emails with one of the reporters involved in the original Post and Courier article. To say that she was pissed off is an understatement.

I do not really hold the reporters at the Post and Courier responsible for the misleading article. I would be willing to wager that more than one socially conscious young reporter has felt the sting of a spirit being crushed by editors and other newspaper bigwigs who kill important stories…(“What the hell, so and so is one of my best golf buddies…No way you’re going to pursue this!” or “You got to be kidding…his ad budget is huge!” or “WTF! This guy is the Grand Wazoo of my lodge! They would skewer my nutbag with a white hot poker if I published that!”)

Should Goodwill decide to initiate any legal action against this reporter, old Bob would have to offer testimony. Anything that he has to say would be suspect because, if he is willing to lie to the oldest newspaper in the south, would he have any qualms about lying in a courtroom? Sounds like a conundrum to me.

Thanks to Nexsen and Pruet I will be embarking on an unprecedented spurt of creativity over the next few weeks. Considering all of the legal fees that I have generated for them they should put me on a commission. A thank you card would be nice. Quite frankly, these attorneys are anything but stupid. As a matter of fact there are probably some really smart guys and gals over there. They just have an impossibly ignorant client who doesn’t seem to recognize his own rather severe limitations. He is gearing up to play checkers when all the other parties involved are plotting chess moves. Hubris does not fit well on an idiot.

Palmetto Goodwill is more than willing to shovel good money after bad. I guess that they can afford it considering they rake in $30+ million a year. Too bad they don’t take those legal fees and help out the struggling employees who don’t make a living wage. What would Jesus do? I’m sure Bob Smith has worked that issue out in his head assuming, of course, that he has found the time to peek out from behind his lawyer’s skirt.

I moved from Columbia to Charleston in 1974. Did a short stint as a social worker but was soon hired by a local music store where I became their number one sales dude. We had a customer…an old man who worked at the navy yard off and on. He was known throughout the musical community as Lyin’ Bob. Old Bob lived in a teeny, run down travel trailer in North Charleston and he was always bragging about how he had a genuine Stradivarius violin under his bed. That and other fantasies earned him his nickname…Lyin’ Bob.

After re-reading my article “Did Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier” I now realize that old departed Lyin’ Bob’s spirit has found a new home… another wretch to take on that cherished moniker.

So, Goodwill executives, you need to stick those corks back in the champagne bottles and put on your seat belts because I promise that you are in for a rough ride. I will remove your copyrighted foolishness and replace it with imagery that will make you wince with astonishment.

Yours truly,

Gregory B. Geddings


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    1. I am certain that, unlike Lyin’ Bob, Jesus had little in the way of personal possessions. If he did, however, I am certain that these items would wind up at Salvation Army. They are located on Dorchester Road in North Charleston. That’s where I drop off my unwanted items. They also have completed a very nice store renovation. I understand that they also offer a pick up service.

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