Old McRobert Had A Charity EIEIO!

I add the rather spiteful photoshop below for the benefit of Palmetto Goodwill board of directors. If you had any sense at all you would cut your losses and jettison this albatross around your necks. I am speaking, of course, of the CEO. He was probably responsible for tangling you up in a web of lies and inexplicably poor decisions stretching over the last three years. It is not too late to salvage your own reputations. Do not make the mistake of letting this man drag you down with him. You are only midstream in the Rubicon. It is not too late to turn back.

I will be glad to meet with you at any time (sans Robert) to discuss a long overdue directional change for Palmetto Goodwill. Now is the time for action. I would be more than willing to end this (Quixotic?) crusade on friendly terms providing that you recognize that serious problems exist and you show a willingness to implement real reform. Palmetto Goodwill’s reputation lies tattered and, if you wish to restore it, you must act with decisiveness.

You’re probably wondering amongst yourselves why I am adding all of this crazy shit to this site when there are, in reality, only a few articles that are of real substance. One thing that I have learned about blogging is that a static blog is a dead blog. One must always add to the mix to keep readers returning. The satirical fantasies that I have put together serve as place keepers until the next damning revelation comes along. That may happen in the not too distant future. Let’s just say that it is a work in progress.

I have spent much of my 63 years being pushed around by pompous, narcissistic goons like Robert Smith. No more. I may be in the same position that George Custer and Davy Crockett found themselves in their last moments but, by God, they died with their boots on. To live a life in fear and resignation is not to live at all.



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