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Note: This is the third in a series of articles on Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina. The first article is titled Howdy Doody Charleston Post and Courier and the second article is Did Goodwill CEO Lie to the Charleston Post and Courier. Normally when I discover new information I just add it to a post. In this case, however, there are elements from both articles that are relevant to the continuing Goodwill saga, thus the new blog entry.

In Did Goodwill CEO Lie…? I referenced an article published by the Post and Courier in which the minister of the church Mr. Smith was attending stated that Robert Smith didn’t have a job…he had a ministry. In the Howdy Doody… article I included a statement from Mr. Smith where he defends his very generous compensation package:

“The organization, which receives no federal or state dollars, also understands that it needs to pay a decent wage to hire the best and brightest talent to sustain its rapid growth, he said…. “We have to make sure we are competitive for that talent,” he said. “Performance needs to be rewarded.”

Palmetto Goodwill IndustriesIn examining the 2010 IRS form 990 return (Exempt Organization Return, Part VII, highest compensated employees) I gleaned the following salary data for the top seven officers of our local Goodwill:

CEO-$233,260 (plus $30,344 bonus)

CFO-$106,705 (Note: this is the salary of the former CFO. Current CFO shows no salary?)

VP-Mission Services-$99,723

VP-Retail Operations-$91,184

VP-Corporate Relations-$75,915

Chief Information Officer-$90,791*

VP-Commercial Services-$78,175

In 2010 the top executives at Goodwill received a total of $775,753. If you add in the bonus to the CEO the figure is $806,097**.

Note: Judging by these salary figures it would appear that our local Goodwill is faring well in these economic hard times. They just raised the price on used tee shirts to $3.79 so there is probably plenty of extra cash lying around. This might be a good time for Goodwill to buy a company airplane or, even better, a helicopter. Corporate bigwigs could use it to ferry themselves to the closest Red Lobster and, when boredom sets in, they could surreptitiously jump onto the roofs of area Goodwills to give the toilet bowls the white glove inspection.Smith helicopter

Column F of Part VII is “other compensation.” This is the section where bonuses are recorded. Only one of the top officers received a bonus in 2010. That would be the CEO who received $30,344.  It would appear that Mr. Smith’s assertion that  “performance needs to be rewarded” was indeed (as I inferred in the previous article) a reference to himself.

In fairness, however, I am quite certain that when Goodwill accountants discovered that there was an extra $30,344 lying around, they realized that something had to be done with the money. After all, it is a “not for profit” organization. Such a decision must have required the rubber-stamp approval of the Goodwill board. Did they even consider distributing the thirty grand in a more equitable manner so that other executives could get a small slice of this very expensive pie? Did Mr. Smith mention this as an alternative? I can’t help but wonder how the other “best and the brightest talent” may have felt about this oversight. Lord only knows how many of them had to take on second or third jobs to pick up the slack.



Better yet, if there was an extra $30,344 available to dispense, why not distribute it equally amongst the struggling, hard-working employees who stock shelves, drive trucks, operate cash registers, mop floors, scrub toilets, and pick up discarded diapers in the parking lots? Granted that it would only amount to about thirty or forty dollars per employee. I am certain, however, that giving the money to the needy multitude rather than rendering all unto Caesar would be more in line with what someone would do if he really had a ministry rather than a job.

Mingling with the unwashed

*In my Howdy Doody article I suggested that Goodwill eliminate the position of Chief Information Officer because the Post and Courier has demonstrated that it is more than willing to do that job for free. This would not be an unprecedented action for Goodwill. They eliminated the position occupied by their chief of loss prevention. This is the man with whom I spoke about the theft-ring operating out of the Pound Store on Rivers Ave. in North Charleston (see “Did Goodwill CEO Lie…”). He was quite angry about this situation and he asked me to provide him with a written statement. He assured me that anybody who participated in the theft-ring would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Next thing you know, he’s out the door. Go figure…

**That’s the equivalent of 202,690 tee shirts @$3.79 each. Break out the whips guys…thar’s quotas to be met.

Not much to do these days except have a little fun with photoshop. I just love to mess with stuffy, thin-skinned corporate types. Check back periodically to see what’s new.

David vs. Goliath & Phil I. Stine & Associates (Attorneys at Law)

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